Personal Investment Plan

Attaining your life’s goals is a commitment.

Understanding these goals is ours.

As you strive to attain your ultimate goals, careful planning is necessary. Part of this planning process involves understanding how decisions you make today affect what happens tomorrow.

Selecting the appropriate investment plan also deserves careful attention. Fortunately,
Thejubril is here to help by providing you with the tools and products necessary to help you align your financial goals with an investment plan that makes sense. This is why we have developed the Personal Investor Profile.

In determining your investor risk profile, it’s important to understand some basic principles of investment planning: your time horizon, your tolerance for risk, and how to combine investment strategies in line with your investment goals. With the help of your Investment Representative, it takes just three easy steps to find an investment strategy tailored to your specific goals.

We believe that strategy allocation and accurate risk management are critical for a successful investment plan. Because of these beliefs, and with your financial success in mind, we offer a series of actively managed, Multi Strategy Portfolios specifically designed to help achieve long-term investment goals.

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